Acceptance, Happiness and Strength, the feelings you get when you accept everything that you are….


In today's post, I talk about what it's OK to be comfortable with who what we look like. With digital media bombarding us with glossy images of the perfect look, life or relationship. You can't help to think that you fall short of the ideal life. You know what I mean?

It's tricky. Even though I am a confident gyal, I have also felt a sense of insecurity in which I've been affected by these "ideals" from the media. If we look at the media's changing perception of beauty, the way I look falls short of the ideal perception of beauty. I talked about this in depth in my post about the beauty industry. But if you just take a look at what the powers of be, have said, you can understand why it would affect your psyche. One minute my nose is too wide, my lips too big, my hair too kinky and difficult, and my bum huggggge.
Now big lips, big bums, and ethnic hairstyles are the rage. So am I now beautiful? Are my natural features and that of people who look like me, now acceptable for the media, because it has been culturally appropriated? Now I am not trying to be a negative Nancy. I fully believe you can take inspiration from looks you admire. My problem is the effect it has on certain groups, who've essentially been told all their lives, that they aren't pretty enough.

So how has this made me feel about myself? In a way empowered! Strange, innit? You see I'm a girl who doesn't wait for people to accept me. I accept myself. I've always known that I don't have the typical girl next door look. Honestly, it has taken me a while to embrace my womanhood to its full extent!  Especially, my natural body shape. I have a curvier frame thanks to my Ghanaian genes.
As a result, I made the decision last year to embrace the way I look and look more womanly. So now you may see me in bodycon type outfits, which accentuate these features, because I am proud of what I look like. Same goes for makeup, I enhance those features which were seen as ugly in the past.

You know why? Because I am who I am and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you find that someone doesn't think you are pretty enough, tell them to fall back and say you slay, all day.

What about you? Are you proud of what you look like?


  1. *Standing ovation* Haha. You completely read my mind! I suffered BDD a few years ago because of social media!
    It took me a while to realize thatmy body is beautiful the way it is and that I may not look likethe instagram models out there, but I am beautiful!
    With all that said, I loved your post and you are stunning by the way and your body is literally goals! Heck! Your confidence is GOALS!

    This post made me smile like an idiot though haha.

    Adanna |

    Mind checking out my blog? I'd really appreciate it :D

  2. Great post and I've been thinking the same thing lately! The perception of beauty changes all the time and in all honesty Big lips are something I've always wanted but I just get creative with good old lip liner now but you notice lot's of young girls wanting surgery to look how they do in the magazines and even on social media as instagram is a huge influence these days even more so than magazines and youtube/blogs! I personally just focus on myself now and work with what looks good on me as everybody is beautiful in there own unique way! xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

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  6. Honestly love this post, definitely a topic that needed to be spoken about. Keep slaying dear!

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  7. Yesss! It is totally okay to love what you look like - it's what makes you you after all. I applaud you for speaking on this. I think more people should speak on this topic and show off all their different bodies in whatever makes them feel fabulous. It's weird how black features have suddenly popped up in the mainstream now though. When I was younger I could never understand why I always thought I looked so fantastic but it seemed the rest of the world couldn't see it hahaha.

    Martha Dahhling

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