Look at me, just look at me and tell me what you see!? I fit the requirements of any other human being, I have a head with 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth and ears. Features we disregard the importance of, and the power they have.
You see with my eyes, I see the lack of diversity in your adverts, even though it's 2016. At 25, I still struggle to see people who look like me on the regular. I get excited when we are allowed to see one of us on your major platforms.


With my ears, I still hear the negativity of my features, that I have no control of, but I am proud of. My lips are too big, my nose too broad, my skin too dark, my hair too tough. Yet when these features are adorned to a person who doesn't naturally have them, they are seen as "exotic". So I ask you this question; why beauty industry do you think we aren't worthy? Why do you think we are ugly?


You say no, you don't think that.But,  actions speak louder than words babe. How come I have to pay extra to paint my skin, to highlight my cheek bones and conceal my flaws? Why must you make it harder for me to enhance my beauty? Why must I pay extra to feel prettier ? Is this a message you are putting out? Do I not deserve to feel pretty? Even though we spend the most on you? Even though you constantly disrespect us! Well we won't let you win. We won't let you tell us what is pretty, what is acceptable or what is on fleek for the season. We will adapt, if you don't provide. Or we will create, when you don't think it's necessary. For we deserve to be pretty, just like the others. So, we will not allow you to tell us what is "pretty ", we will not wait for your acceptance. We are strong, we are resilient and we are beautiful.


  1. Brands need to listen to this. It's something I took for granted for a long time but not anymore. I can SEE exactly what you're talking about and if I can see it they can. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and everyone should be entitled to the same privilege regardless of skin colour. x

  2. Tell em hun!! Ive lost hope that this will change tho. The problem will always be that anything white and that goes with being white will always be the norm to them

    1. What I think needs to be done is more people creating beauty products for the under- represented. I always say if you want something to change, do it yourself.

    2. Amazingly put - this is so well written and a message that needs to be spread.

      Claire | xx

  3. This was excellent! Sharing it everywhere. They need to know this! xoxo
    Rose |

  4. Wow, I absolutely love this. It is so eloquently written. It's amazing that in this day and age we are still under represented and made to feel as though we are not as pretty. It's up to us to create our own platforms to showcase the beauty that we have inside and out! xoxo

  5. YESS THANK YOU! I'm so so glad to see a post like this, I'm sick of the issue getting skirted around or avoided. I'm sick of stores not stocking full shade ranges. I'm sick of brands not making inclusive shade ranges. I'm sick of WOC being considered beautiful, but only with Eurocentric features.

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  6. This is brilliant. I've noticed it so much especially on Instagram! If you don't look a certain way, you can forget being featured / RT'd!

    I wish more brands would look outside the box, rather than just look straight ahead & not take a peek at either side!!!

  7. Such a powerful post! Well done for speaking out on this.

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