I'll come to writing my 2015 reflection posts even though it is the end of January, but 2015 was a big year for me. So I have a lot of reflecting to do, so bear with me peeps. One of the things that evolved last year was my style, yes I experimented a hell of alot and entering my 25th year on this earth, made me want to embrace the woman that I am.  What I really wanted to do was embrace my sexy, but in a classy way. One way I will do this is, is  show off my shoulders and chest area more. I have always covered these areas up, not consciously, but my fave clothes don't really show off these areas, and with a new year and all, I wanted to change that. So, my friends over at Boohoo, gave me the challenge of taking the plunge and challenging myself to actually do this. So, with my nifty budget bestowed onto me, I opted for this monochrome playsuit and the velvet bodysuit, to embrace the sexy that I hidden for too long.

BOOHOO fashion resolutions

The Lissa stripe, off the shoulder playsuit is a wonderful piece, and versatile, with it's monochrome colour palette. Not to deviate too hard from my edgy personal style, I paired the outfit with my sparkly tights worn here, and my patent red boots worn here.


Now this playsuit can be dressed up or down and I decided for a casual look, but I definitely will wear this for an evening out with my strappy H&M blue heels, that I rocked last summer. Now, I have been looking for  a bodysuit, ever since I saw my girl Bunmi rock one on a night out! My goodness did she SLAY, so I wanted to emulate that in my own, Jess way. Pairing the  Jess bodysuit ( it's named after me, it was meant to be) with my blue jeans and patent boots, completed the understated sexy I was going for! 


I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, as the jeans nearly slipped off during shooting, so next time I will wear a belt. But overall, I am happy with the outfits. I think I will revamp this with a bomber jacket and my notorious leather skirt next time!

All in all, I am liking this new fashion resolution, like most resolutions I'll try and keep to it, but I can't promise I will.  How about you, do you have any fashion resolutions?






  1. Love the off-shoulder trend and that playsuit is PERFECT! It suits you so much!! My fashion resolution? To try and incorporate more colour to my wardrobe - I think I'm doing okay so far (:

  2. We have the same fashion resolution! The off-shoulder pieces look fab on you! X

  3. Absolutely adore these looks!! I want to experiment with off-the-shoulder pieces as well but I need to find the right strapless bra first xx

  4. Loving the looks Jess!
    You really suit the off the shoulder look 😘
    I'm looking to shake up my style this year too! I'm trying to cut down my wardrobe to some classic key pieces.


  5. That playsuit is so gorgeous!

    Sophie x

  6. Some seriously great resolutions there. Hope you keep up with them this year. I love that photo of you in the striped shirt - so gorgeous! x

  7. You are seriously rocking those stripes. Amazing! I would love it if you stopped by my blog and added this post to my fashion linkup. I think my readers would really like your style.

  8. Girl, your figure is HOT TO TROT. Adore the off the shoulder look on you.
    Bee |

  9. Omg I need the play Suit! I love your style!

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