Monday, 14 September 2015


I have been on the blogger scene for nearly 5 years, running this blog and also running FBL Bloggers. I had always wanted to create an event because I love people and I love giving bloggers the opportunity to network with like minded peeps. That is what makes blogging the most fun, it is the people. So when Albertine, approached me about creating an event at for the end of August , I was all up for creating a small intimate event for bloggers. We wanted the opportunity to get bloggers to talk to each other and network with brands, without being overwhelmed by all the noise that events, can sometimes produce. It took about 2 months to get the brands on-board, organize fantastic goodybags , invite the bloggers and find the venue. The event me and Albertine co-hosted was the #5thviewbloggers event, aptly named as the venue was at The 5th view bar. Which was located at the top of Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus.


Getting the goodybags to the venue was a mission, but I am so glad we had the likes of Virtue Drinks, Venus Concept, Ayurverda Pura, Lisa Angel, Charmed Ivy, ProperCorn, Beautycrowd,Doll White, Bee Good, Fabbox , Mink and Stone and Puriskin. All contribute as sponsers for the goody bags. I know I am biased, but the goodybags were seriously sick.
The event was very chilled! Which I was happy about. I was so nervous it wouldn't run as we planned. But it was full of laughs, networking, food and yummy cocktails. It was an a amazing time for me to catch up with bloggers, I knew and bloggers I was dying to meet. Literally that is my favourite part of an event, getting to know the people there and just connecting.


I was happy to meet Beegood and Mink &Stone at the event, as I hadn't worked with them before. Beegood, showed us their unique skincare brand and talked as through the natural ingredients and how they could revitialise our skin. Whilst Mink &Stone, let us design our own jewellery using their unique app, which meant we had a truly had a bespoke piece of jewellery. Also if you sell your pieces you are rewarded with a 10% commission from it! Which is so cool!.All in all I had an amazing time!


Also one of the perks of hosting an event is getting to try some of the products before hand. I was given a full size version of the Chyawanprash - Indian Gooseberry Jam & Daily Replenish Face Cream: Re-Fresh Formula - PITTA (organic), from our lovely sponsors at Ayuverda Pura. The brand specializes in holistic remedies and food products. The brand has roots in India and uses these influences to produce truly organic and healthy products, which are good for the body.

The Chyawanprash jam had a naturally sweet taste. The product contains only natural ingredients such as Indian gooseberry, fruits and herbs and spices. Also it is full of vitamin C. So the brand recommends that you take 2 spoons a day and have it with toast or with your tea. As the experimental person I am, I added a bit to my stir fry, as it wasn't very sweet and I wanted to add some depth to my meal. I have to say it was actually pretty tasty and I can't wait to add it to the rest of my dishes.

I think the the product that I enjoyed most, was the  Daily replenish cream. I have normal and sensitive skin, and this is the cream I was given to try, the cream has different versions for different skin types, such as dry skin. So there is something for everyone. It smelt so nice, you can really smell the Aloe Vera, and the spic of the exotic herbs of Neem& Manjistha. So far, my skin is loving the product, but I would have to use it for longer to get a better idea of my full thoughts on it. I just wanna say, I am so glad that my first event went well and I will be hosting more in the future.



  1. What an amazing event, and you looked so beautiful I love your outfit xx

  2. Was such a lovely event- thank you so much for inviting me! 😄😄

  3. I love Mink and Stone I worked with them and they are amazing to collaborate with so lovely. I met Bee Good at another event and their products feel great on your skin.

  4. I don't drink, and I'm on the wrong side of the pond, but the bloggers all look like they'd be fun to get to know and your 5th View Bloggers Event at the 5th View Bar at the top of Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus looks like it was a real blast. The Chyawanprash jam sounds yummy and healthful.

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