It's not unusual for me to go to a press day or two since it is press day season. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Kaleidoscope AW15 press breakfast, at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. As with every other Kaleidoscope press event, I was happy to see an abundance of colour in the newest collections. The jewellery sparkled, the shoes wowed me and the clothing, especially the coats, were on point.

The key collections that Kaleidoscope showed were cosy casuals, a collection focused on knitwear with a focus on detailing;Winter neutrals, which challenged the  standard dark palette for winter and brought a fresher approach;Weekday wardrobe, which focused on ruching and smart tailoring. The dark side of floral, which showed pieces using a darker floral colour palette. Monochrome, my favourite trend as it is so versatile! Finally, party time which showcased beaded and art deco inspired pieces ready for the party season.

What I like about Kaleidoscope is their fashionable and quality items. With this new collection, the brand is trying to steer away from only aiming to older women, but aiming to design for all women who love fashion, and are key to experiment with their style. I could really see that at the press day, I could see items that I would wear and my mum would wear, and she is a very fashionable person, so I know she would enjoy this new collection.

When it comes to choosing my hero item from the collection, it would have to be the red ruched dress from the weekday wardrobe collection. A couple of reasons I like it is because it is red, which is obviously a favourite colour of mine to wear The offer the shoulder detailing gives an understated sexy look, also I love bodycon, so it is a win win for me. If you follow me on instagram, you an see me modelling this dress on the Kaleidoscope instagram. My second favourite item would be the grey ankle boots. Truth be told, my ankle boot collection is extensive but, one more pair couldn't hurt could it?

The accessories were pretty sweet too. There was alot of croc detailing, which added great texture and interests to the pieces, especially the croc flats! Another item for the wardrobe I think. All in all, I am excited for this collection to drop. What do you think off the collection?


  1. Looks like a great event, love the grey ankle boots! x
    Just followed on GFC :-)

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