1. Glazed Apple Bath Jelly-£10.00 c/o The Bodyshop
  2. Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion-£8.00
  3. Glazed Apple Home Fragrance Oil-£4.00
  4. Glazed Apple Lip Gloss-£7.00
  5. Glazed Apple Body & Room Spray-£7.00
  6. Glazed Apple Lip Balm-£4.00
  7. Glazed Apple Hand Cream-£3.50
  8. Glazed Apple Body Butter-£13.00
  9. Glazed Apple Soap-£2.50
  10. Glazed Apple Bath Sprinkles-£7.00
  11. Glazed Apple Shower Gel-£4.00
  12. Glazed Apple Body Polish-£10.00
  13. Glazed Apple Sparkler-£15.00
  14. Glazed Apple Eau De Toilette-£8.50 

You know the other weekend I was taking a stroll down Oxford Street and to my surprise I was hit by the copious amounts of festive lights. Now it took me a while to register what was happening, but then it hit me, it is nearly Christmas time! Now like any other person, I love Christmas, I love the food, the warm snuggly evenings with my loved ones and receiving presents. However, as I am an adult I need to buy presents for other people, and the thought of that strikes fear into my heart and my bank account.

This year, I don't think I am going to struggle thanks to The Bodyshop and their new Christmas Range. You may have seen on my instagram, that I visited the Bodyshop Christmas showcase for work. As I glanced at the delectable range, I was instantly hit by the aromas of the new scents which included Vanilla Brulee, Frosted Cranberry and Glazed Apple.  Sounds tasty right? I almost had to remind myself that these were beauty products and not yummy desserts!

I would love to write about the whole Christmas range, but I was given a few pieces from the Glazed apple range; which is one of my favourites next to Vanilla Brulee. I received the Glazed Apple Bath Jelly, which retails for £10.00. All you need to do is pop a few scoops into your bubble bath, with the help of the cute wooden spatula. The spatula has a little ribbon on it, which is helpful so you won't loose it. I enjoyed a cheeky bubble bath using this! And oh my god I was in heaven. As soon as I stepped into my bath, I drifted away into the glazed apple goodness. I almost didn't want to leave my bath, as I was so relaxed.

To finish off, I moisturised with the Glazed Apple Body Butter. Now if you are a fan of the Bodyshop you know that their Body butters are the bees knees, and a staple to any of their collection. As a person who has sensitive and dry skin, I have tried out nearly all of the Body butters. I was pleasantly surprised by this body butter. It was creamy, which was to be expected and moisturised my skin well. The smell was gorgeous!  I didn't feel I needed to wear perfume as the body butter was had an aromatic apple scent, that got me a lot of compliments.

Looking at the whole range, I think any of the pieces would make a lovely gift or stocking filler for any beauty obsessed loved one. The 14 piece range retails between £2.50-£25.00, which I think is very affordable for the quality of products you are getting. What I also like about the range is the packaging. The Bodyshop have really stuck to the festive theme with the little Christmas sparkles and red ribbons on the packaging. Which I think makes this range that extra bit special. 

Have you tried the Glazed Apple range out? Will you be buying it for a loved one for Christmas?


  1. I cannot wait to try the range, I just have no idea what to pick yet as there are so many beautiful pieces to choose from! xxx


  2. omg this range seems amazing!!

  3. I love the scent of this range, it is gorgeous - tempted to pick up one of the body butters!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

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