M&S Collection Sleek Metal Plait Necklace £17.50

                                M&S Collection Geometric Bee Pendant Necklace £17.50

Hope you guys are looking forward to Christmas! I know I am and if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I have been banging on about not finishing my Christmas Shopping! However, I was contacted by M&S and my Christmas shopping woes were put on hold, as they asked me to be apart of the M&S blogger Secret Santa challenge. After being apart of another secret santa challenge last year with tara from the style rawr, I was deffo up for the challenge!

M&S gave me and my secret santa partner £20, to choose a a gift for each other. I stalked her blog to find the perfect gift, and I was hapilly surprised to see she loved statement jewellery pieces, just like me. After searching the jewellery section I decided on the M&S Collection Sleek Metal Plait Necklace.   I was happy to my present the M&S Collection Geometric Bee Pendant Necklace. It is really pretty and unique.. I even did an instagram video about my thoughts! I'd like to thank M&S for letting me participate, it was a very fun project. Oh silly me I didn't tell you who my partner was? It was Amy from secrets of a PR girl.


  1. What a fun challenge :D
    I like the necklace you've received!!!
    You've been a good Santa, Amy enjoyed her gift (btw, nice choice)!
    I hope your Xmas was joyful and I wish you happy holidays

  2. Very nice!! Why don't i get invites to fun activities to take part in? *sad face* lol. I also like the necklace you got your secret santa. Presents are ever so exciting!! xx


  3. I like both of the necklaces! What a nice thing to do!

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  7. I liked metal braided necklace more. I think it will fit good with more clothes. It's chic, but trendy. You can wear it with different styles of clothing. The second one... i don't know, I don't really like such gemstones. In my Ultius rating they are the last.

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