MONEYSUPERMARKET | Secret Santa Blogger Challenge

We wish you a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...... I have finally stopped being a little Grinch and gotten into the Christmas spirit. Not sure what started this joyful attitude, but I can assure you that the Moneysupermarket: Secret Santa Challenge definitely had something to do with it.

What's the Moneysupermarket Secret Santa challenge you ask? well about a month ago Moneysupermarket chose a handful of bloggers to participate in a Secret Santa challenge for bloggers. We were paired up with another blogger, and given the challenge to buy a gift which was no more than £25! If you've been following me for a while  you know that I love a challenge, so I snapped up the chance to be involved.

I was paired up with Tara, one half of the duo of the infamous The Style Rawr! I was pretty excited when I got Tara as I have been reading her blog for some time now. At first, I wasn't sure how I would approach this challenge. It would be easy to just buy a nice gift for £25 but I wanted to create a concept with my gift and a storyline, which fit in with the presents. Also I wanted to get Tara something she liked (hopefully). Scouring the highstreet for presents under £25 was hard,but I just made it by spending £24.84 on all of the presents you see before you.

I was chuffed and surprised when I saw how much effort Tara went to with her present in her post. It was good to know that shared some similarities like a love for Leopard Print! So Tara, your present is in the post and I hope you like your presents as it was fun coming up with the concept! I look forward to receiving yours too :)

You can also follow the challenge on twitter with the #MSMsecretsanta


  1. Awwwwwwww Jess! I'm so excited, I can't believe you got me so many gifts. My stocking is my favourite part of Christmas because I love opening lots of little gifts so I really can't wait! <3

    The Style Rawr!

  2. Looks amazing - I love that you've put so much thought into it!


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