Happy 3rd Birthday Curvy Kate!!!

 Me and Lillia form Lilla Loves  , pass the parcel!!, Head designer Charlotte with the models, me modelling, A/W '12 range, Lauren modelling the entice bra

On the 25th July, I headed over to Curvy Kate HQ to celebrate the lingerie and swimwear brands third birthday. Now, before I babble on about the event,you maybe thinking who Curvy Kate is. Curvy Kate is a lingerie and swimwear brand that designs for women with bigger bosoms(like myself). But what makes them extra special, is that they are dedicated to designing fashionable undergarments that also supports D-K cup figures.They also cater for smaller back sizes and styles range from 28-44 backs! How cool is that!

But wait there is more, all the models you see are real women! Yes you heard me right the first time! The brand does not use professional models, all the models are found through their annual star in a bra competition.

I along with a few other bloggers, got the chance to view their A/W '12 for their first blogger event. The collection was amazing and featured new shapes such as Gia, Smoothie,Entice and wild. The colours this season used golds, teals,cherry reds, midnight blues and blush pink. 

Not only was the collection gorgeous but the team was very welcoming and the event was so fun! There was party food, goody bags, bubbly and party games which broke the ice straight away. The models were a bag of energy  and I was so inspired with the confidence the girls had!

An extra bonus of the event is that we got measured. This was a god send as my bra was starting to feel a little "snug", so I knew I was wearing the wrong size.After getting measured, I went from a 32DD to a 30FF... so suffice to say I was shocked. But,the team were kind enough to gift us with a bra and under ware set of our choice, and I chose the Entice set. I feel like a new woman in this bra ;)

All in all the event was very fun,yet informative and I encourage you bigger bosomed ladies to go out and try this brand if you want style and support. They are found in many major retailers across the UK and internationally.


  1. Oh my goodness this looks like such a brilliant day! I can't believe those girls are just chilling out in their undies they look amazing! I live your little curvy Kate blanket too! I shamefully have zero idea what my actual bra size is anymore having lost and gained weight and mainly just buying bras off the peg. That's awful isn't it?? I definitely need to check these guys out! Great post! Love all the confidence !!


  2. Great underware! :)) Keep it up the good job girls ! :))
    And the часовник is nice :)

  3. wow those girls are brave!


  4. Looks like such a great event! xo

  5. Great event, even though i'm quite flat chested i can appreciate good underwear :) x


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