Guest Post:Rodarte is a show I always look forward too

Hey guys this is a guest post from Chloe from Dog and Pony hope you enjoy it!

Rodarte is a show I always look forward too, the Mulleavy twins always show a beautiful collection one which often makes references to art movements and this season was no different.
Sunflower and starry night prints graced garments channelling Van Gogh were sent down the catwalk, beautiful strong colours which the girls explained were taken from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty because they felt not enough people used these colours.
The 50s style prom dresses gave the collection a young feel, perhaps Hailee Steinfeld or Elle Fanning will be seen wearing one on the red carpet someday soon. Colour blocked cable knit jumpers and strong geometric shapes on fitted tops and skirts added something for the over 25s.
Makeup was heavy around the eyes pulling the collection away from the perfect twee look and keeping their slightly edgy feel, the rest of the face was neutral whilst the hair was loose with a small section pinned and twisted above the ear.
As ever Rodarte also had the perfect front row line up with Taylor Swift sat next to Anna Wintor, Rooney Mara, the popular blogger Tavi and the Fanning sisters were all present.


  1. Rodarte really showcases the different trends in fashion. I love the dresses and the different styles of clothes the models are wearing every fashion show. Anyway, on the photo, I like the yellow dress. It looks very compelling.

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