Favourite new pieces!

High Waisted Leather and Denim Skirt~H&M

Blue jersey dress with plaited belt~Internacionale

Brown Leather Shorts~Clothing at Tesco, White Blouse~New Look

Triangle Fringed top~Internacionale, Blue Fringed Top~Primark

Heels~New Look, Loafers~Primark,Wedges~New Look, Feather Trilby~New Look

You guys must think I shop all the time! I have had these clothes for a few weeks and months and didn't have time to take pictures of them. Nearly all the skirts I own are high waisted, they are a flattering shape on me and I always pair them with a tucked in graphic t-shirt.

The blue dress is something I bought during exams, when I needed to get out of the house. The plaited belt adds a Grecian feel to it I think.I'm thinking gold sandles and a my gold leaf headband would finish the look well. 

Now normally, I hate loafers but after walking past these bad boys in Primark, I had to have them. As you guys know whenever I do an Lust List, I nearly always add heels, but I can never walk in them. I got the purple pair in December, in the sale for £12!. so...technically they are not a new item.Both shoes have a platform making them very easy to walk in. Thanks New Look for your amazing shoes. 

Finally getting used to using my tripod and my camera. Excuse the hand and the bad paint job, I've been re-decorating my room, for the last 4 years !   . I'm not quite Annie Leibovitz yet, so I'm still working on my photography skills.

Happy Sunday!


  1. @Camilla thanks! I really love the colour

  2. so jealous of those H&M skirts :)


  3. @JAZZA why don't you picjk up some lol. I'm jealouse of your colour block skirt!

  4. NO! I'm in love with those fringe tops. LUSH!

  5. Saw those loafers when I was in Primark on Wednesday, still considering going back to get them...x


  6. @Promise you should they go with everything! especially chinos

  7. i love everything! this makes me want to shop :/ xx


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