New Beginnings


After months of procrastination I am finally starting my blog. So why am I starting a blog? well I am trying to avoid filling out a very long application for my placement...... yay -_- . No, I kid! the real reason I have joined the blogsphere is because I am interested in fashion and wanted to share my interests with all you lovely people out there. Well I will have people to share it with once I get followers haha.

I have become so inspired by other fashion blogs, that I thought I would just jump in the deep end and just do it. Also I was in need of a new hobby and this blog is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing, don't ya think ?

Anywhoo, here are my stats:

Name: Jessica Debrah
Occupation: 2nd year Marketing student from London
Hobbies and intrests: FASHION, art, music,make-up, hanging out, reading


    1. Hiya, thanks for commenting on my blog. Nice start on yours. I will follow just to see it grow big. Good luck :)

      Toks @

    2. Oh yeah, I saw the Google friend connect, I just forgot to join it, sorry. It's done now :)


    Hey guys I really appreciate your comments! Please leave a link to your blog so I can check them out too!