Goodbye Summer sixteen and all your beautiful fashion glory! Hellow Autumn sixteen with your ripped denim, leather, and velvet. I love shopping, but I also love making wish-list to my favourite items I have been coveting, and I have been wishing (and also buying a lot)! Sue me, it comes with the job and it is always good to reinvent yourself! I teamed up with my lovely friends at Lyst to show you guys my favourite items that I have been coveting this Autumn and as you can see below it is a lot! I mean can you blame me, there are a lot of amazing trends, shapes, textures that get me excited for this season, even though I am not the greatest fan of the weather.

I think I have an obsession with denim, leather and patent! One I am happy to fulfill to its full extent In the quest to look more grown up, I am trying to move away from skater style and flowy shapes, and more fitted bodycon/off the shoulder silhouettes which flatter my curves! Keeping to my feminine and edgy staple look, I just had to have something that would scream slay and also Jess is badass. All is true, all is what I feel inside and all is what is needed to be showed to the world girls! 

Ever since the older sis rocked a pair of knee high or sexy boots as I like to call them in Autumn 2010, I have wanted a pair to strut and just feel like a top model, even to my weekly trips to ASDA. I always believe that you must look good everywhere you go, you never know who you'll bump into! Anywho, I bought a pair as a birthday treat last year, but I am yet to wear them and I want these ones instead to add to the Narnia (my name for my shoe collection), which ones do you prefer?

What are  you converting this Autumn/Winter sixteen?


I collaborated  with the team over at Lyst to produce this sponsored post .


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